Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A very big bang

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My Four Leafed Clover - The Milk and Honey Band

So I'm sitting at my computer at work, headphones affixed, streaming some potentially great (?) (but more likely, indifferent or abysmal) unknown. Hmm, pleasant enough. Tap pound strum jingle handclap. Yeah yeah yeah, a little beige, a tad stuffy. Glance at my nails (desultory): Goddammit, is it too much to ask for a nail polish that doesn't chip 12 hours after I apply it? Some sweet harmonies. And Jesus (getting irritated), what about a band that knows The Beach Boys beyond "Caroline No"? I start thinking about lunch. Probably a Caesar salad. Possibly penne marinara from the deli downstairs. Ok, here we go: Swelling vocals ah-ahs drumroll building to something. I'm cold, where's my swe... whoawhoawhoa, what's this?! Bright shiny brass. Bare-faced bold!
Almost funky. Overbearing, even presumptuous! Goooood. Singing something about a four-leafed clover. Who cares? Bright shiny brass shiny brass. Oooh baby baby baby baby baby: I'm feeling lucky all of the sudden.

From The Secret Life of the Milk and Honey Band (Amazon, iTunes). Myspace


Blogger sean said...

yeah, the brass definitely makes the song! "presumptuous" and "good": yes! but i wish they had sprung for an actual horn section instead of (i'm 90% sure) using a cheapo patch on the synthesiser.

12:22 AM  
Blogger bob said...

hey how sure ARE you though??!


all the best
bob from the milk and honey band

check out our new tunes - shameless plugging ahoy..!


1:51 PM  

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