Sunday, May 06, 2007

Disappear without a trace

You Set Me Reeling - The Nightjars

Nightjars: I imagined a child sneaking out just before bedtime, barefoot, flannel-pajamaed, with an armload of dusty Mason jars. Placing them strategically -- one precarious on a windowsill, another snug in the crook of tree branches, yet another wedged among the rocks of a pond -- to capture the night. But when she returns pre-dawn, finds them gone, stolen by the jealous nightjar thief!

Then I found this.

"You Set Me Reeling": A perfect little pop song with pretty chiming guitars and an easy rolling rhythm. Despite its lyrics' evocation of love's unbalancing (specifically, the hour-by-hour emotional flux), it's a steady track of equipoise, of strong verse matched by potent chorus.

The Nightjars' Myspace.


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