Monday, January 01, 2007

In the morning

Morning, Sally Hazelet Drummond

In The Morning - Leafcutter John

An earthworm, divining moisture, twists and burrows black soil, slow rupturing to the surface. Above, dew-drenched leaves click and clack and birds hop on spiny spindle legs. The soft thwack of early-shift driver's tires beat periodic on the distant road. A broad-breasted robin spots movement in the grass and, abrupt flurry and flutter of wings, seizes worm end in her beak and pulls. Struggle ensues, worm-terror-bird-glee, then snap! The robin's spoils only a short piece (the worm limping its war wounds back to its bunker), it flies the short distance to a window ledge to better gulp, swallow, digest. Its gold satisfied eye blinking at gingham curtains in the glass. Rain starts to fall.

Chamomile - Royal Wood

Through the curtains, a man sits at a kitchen table twirling a spoon through a custard colored cup. La da he sings to himself, woozy, la da. Uncertain he's as confidently nonchalant as to say la di da. Has he lost her? Does he care? Rain clips the windowpane. Bright purposeful piano says yes. Breezy, swaying horn isn't sure: maybe yes, maybe no. May the luck fall where you lie, in the sapphire shoes, it advises. He steps to the window and peers out. The rain has stopped.

Fabula - George

Outside again, the sun climbs the sky rung by rung by rung.

The Forest and the Sea, Leafcutter John (Amazon, iTunes), Myspace
Chamomile, Royal Wood (iTunes), Myspace
A Week of Kindness, George (Amazon, eMusic)

Around the internets:

If you think you can squeeze just a little more Christmas music in, David of Digital Audio Insider has posted all three tracks from his band The Layaways' Christmas EP. Be sure to grab the poptastic "O Christmas Tree"!

Perhaps old to you, but I've just seen Fields' brilliant video for its "Song For The Fields." Inspired by the film Wicker Man, its attenuated metallic reapers are like Giacometti's sculpture come to eerie life. Also black crows and fire and all-together apocalypse.


Blogger Sean said...

Happy New Year, Amy.

I wasn't even awake this morning. I almost missed daylight. (Which is admittedly, in Edinburgh at this time of year, not very hard.)

Thank you for the jauntiness of the Royal Wood song, but mostly for reminding me about George - who sound rather perfect in the afterdusk dim. You paint some vivid, if faraway, pictures.

2:43 PM  
Blogger No Frontin' said...

Oh man, I love this song already but this video makes it all the better. How's it goin?

10:13 PM  

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