Saturday, October 07, 2006

October mix: Cast a light

Image: Porcaro Family

Cast That Light - The Black Neon1
Died In A Lake - The Dutch Elms2
Once Upon A Time - The Boyfriends3
Princess Vancouver - Morning Spy4
You Are The Only One I Love (live) - Jaymay5
Sweet When You Were Young - Terribly Empty Pockets6
Dirty Blue - Woven Hand7

Zip file-Oct mix

Key lines and artist info:

1. Winter goes, can spring be far away?
From Arts & Crafts (Amazon, eMusic)

2. Drowning is the only way they can take me away from you.
From Music For Happiness (Amazon, Jigsaw Records).
Web site, Myspace

3. The thing that I will miss the most is you holding my hand.
From The Boyfriends (eMusic, iTunes)
Web site, Myspace

4. They sat us down and explained malice and intention, malice and intention.
From The Silver Age (Abandoned Love Records, eMusic)
Web site, Myspace

5. I thought of you when on St. Mark's I saw some other man collecting cans.
Web site, Myspace

6. I could build you a house in the shape of my heart, but you'd only throw rocks through my windows.
Web site, Myspace

7. I, I'm held together by strings.
From Mosaic (Amazon, Sound Familyre)
Web site, Myspace


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