Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Band of dolphins

Dolphin Band

First I liked Dolphin Band for their name. (How could you not want to like a band called Dolphin? And aren't we tired of bands named after wolves and bears and horses?) Then, after hearing their music, I liked them for their songs--winsome, immediate, lovely. Dolphin Band (no "The") are Feven and Sirak (so not really a band, but a duo) from Eritrea, East Africa and they recorded these tracks in the kitchen of the Mackerel restaurant (where they work). There's more to the story (of course), including a surprise (?) appearance by Mike Doughty and inclusion on the latest Yeti CD. But I'm still trying to piece it together myself.

Welanureiney - Dolphin Band

Telam - Dolphin Band

Visit Dolphin Band's Myspace and befriend them.


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