Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Glorious fuzz

Image: Mokona73

Private Amber - Rosemary Krust

Nico's smoky slur & drawl dances an uneasy lap with an opiated guitar strum. Instead of sun-baked, this field of poppies is traced with frost. Brittle petals crumble in a pinch. The cold wants to see you shake, she sings. And you do.


Tell the World - Vivian Girls
I never got the whole Pipettes thing. They are (were? are they gone yet?) charmless singers and I confess their post-post feminist irony performance thing cleared the top of my head by a good couple feet. Vivian Girls not only charmingly reconstitute Spector-girl-group, they make a passionate plea for the relevance of C86 breeze and shoe-gaze dense. Oh, and for new wave and garage rock and poor--really, really poor--production values. "Tell the World" is thick as clotted cream with close harmonies, gingersnap beats and a glorious fuzz.

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Blogger Jon said...

Man, killing the Pipettes. You're killing me. We'll see what v2.0 brings. You may be looking very good.

As far as charmless, you may be kinda right, except for Rose. Live, I think she proved she's got a real voice.

10:40 AM  

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