Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spinning out of control

Image: Peter Sutherland

Everyday I Saw You in Egypt - Boo and Boo Too

Boo and Boo Too is a thrift store of sound, for sure. I don't even need to get my hands dirty digging through historical bins because the Lawrence, KS band is kissing cousins to Chicago's still alive-and-wailing (usually good, sometimes quite excellent) The Narrator. But what The Narrator hasn't managed to pull off (i.e. The Big Time [in the indie sense, natch]), I betcha these guys will. Yeah, yeah: punk-pop squawk uneasily buttressed by f(r)actious guitar noise, chaos contained by a thin membrane of control and a tiny salute to no wave. But also that elusive, near-impossible to articulate quality -- charisma. You heard it right here: for the 64th time this week.

From Iron Paw EP (Amazon), Myspace

- Miwagemini

When it gallops, this song, it's not like a flesh & fur horse. But like a pole pierced carousel creature spinning on a spit. It doesn't so much slip its reins as lose its terra firma, and run in place as cartoon characters do, feet forever soft-pedaling the air.

From This is How I Found You (eMusic, Amazon), Myspace

A lot of us
bitch about the collective fallacy known as Vampire Weekend fandom (howdy!), but Mr. Heart on a Stick does something productive (and great) with his hate.


Anonymous chris said...

"Collective fallacy"? Now that's just cruel. Probably true, but cruel.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Don't you know it ;)

6:05 PM  

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