Friday, November 23, 2007

In the spirit (gift guide)

Image: Tokihiro Sako

Special Rider Blues - Shearwater

This isn't the blues in any conventional sense. Jonathan Meiburg sings as high and desperate as Skip James did. But Shearwater doesn't play the song as rangy and fierce. The band unwinds it slowly, letting the fuzzed wool yarn tangle in their fingers, and only gradually, with languorous laps of guitar, flicks of percussion, do they knit it into something resembling shape. But there it is finally -- a blanket, nubby and warm for you to rub against your cheek. A cover in two senses.

From the rereleased, expanded and gorgeously packaged Palo Santo
. Holiday gift alert!

Speaking of gifts... I can't stand shopping crowds, so my holiday goal this year is to buy all of my gifts online. And because I've found so much good stuff in my travels, I figured I'd share some of it. The list got a little long (a lot long) (ok, this is totally insane). Most items are in US $$s. And while there are some expensive goodies, most are less than $25. If you actually take me up on a suggestion and your recipient loves you for it, let me know. This may be the beginning of my new career as a personal shopper.

Box sets: Stax 50th Anniversary, The Brit Box, Goodbye Babylon early gospel, The Fall's Complete Peel Sessions, People Take Warning: Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs

Gig posters: Aesthetic Apparatus, Programmable Press, Redbird Posters, Dan Stiles

Neko Case Live from Austin and Danielson: A Family Movie DVDs

Raymond Pettibon notecards

Books: The Rest is Noise, Faking It: The Quest for Authenticity in Popular Music, 33 1/3 series, Jay Ryan's 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels

Emotibud earbud set

iPod cases:
iPod Crafts, Mod Dots, Hotel Fever and iPod pillow

Daydream Factory t-shirts

Art appreciationVladmaster

Anemone limited edition artbooklet

View-master reel, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities

Matte Stephens prints and paintings

Jeff Wall exhibition catalogue

Tiny Showcase Winter prints (Jen Corace, Ryan Jacob Smith, Catia Chien, Evan B. Harris)

Artist's survival kit

Sartorial gesturesPenguins
Poketo garden t-shirt (women's and men's)

Typewriter t-shirt (men's)

Squirrel hair clip set

Through-the-woods knitted cap

Teal crochet hat

Bags: Antler girl tote, Blue forest market tote, Five penguins tote, Lotta Jandotter tote, Blue swans side zipper, Autumn trees tote, Tree lace tote, Suzi plaid bag

Felted wool coin purse

Krista Raak choker

Paper playWoodprint
Best American Comics 2007, edited by Chris Ware

Quick Vegetarian Pleasures cookbook

Elephant and Nemo composition book, Sukie Winnebago travel journal, Nantaka Joy "I love" notebook

2008 calendars: Red Prairie Press (Rachel Bone), Hidden Habitats, Mark Rothko, Paper Source letterpress, Smosch mini, Japanese woodblock prints, Valery Goulet, Monster Movies, Seaspray Blue
, Charley Harper engagement, Daily planners in fuchsia, lime, orange...

Vintage matchbox labels

Mushroom Hill paper play set

Milkshake bookplates (customized at no extra charge!)

Holiday cards: The Beautiful Project, R. Nichols, Two Guitars, Ink Drop Design birds, Kashimagawa (see above image), V&A 1950s bauble, Koko New York peace


Todd & Holland tea sampler and Bee House 2-cup teapot

CB2 large comma plates in orange, avocado, brown

ZipZip USB memory brick (looks like a Lego!)

Moo-Shu Mitt knitting kit


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