Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Busy. Tired. Lazy. So, some links:

Jon and I contributed tracks and intros to Can You See The Sunset From The Southside's Chicago-themed podcast. As always, Eric did a fantastic job (plus he has a really cool voice). So you should download it now. It may give you some insight into the pop girl/punk boy dichotomy round here.

Joe Clay, who's been running things of late at Spoilt Victorian Child has gone and started his own blog, The White Noise Revisited. If he continues to write stuff like this, it's going to be brilliant.

Popsheep has a lovely post on rivers, lakes, dams and creeks. Oh, and Woody Guthrie.

I've watched this like 100 times over the past week and still think it's hilarious.

Ok, and a song I can't stop listening to.

White Sunshine - Murder Beach

Words like plucky and brave and images of chins jutting forward and hands planted on hips come to mind. Even though that doesn't make any sense, because that's how you'd describe a Bobbsey Twin or one of Enid Blyton's child detectives or something.


Blogger Eric Grubbs said...

Y'all did a great job on the podcast too. I always enjoy what Eric cooks up for his podcasts, but it was cool to have to some guests too.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thanks to all for podcast help and praise!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Team Clermont Lucas said...

Where did you find Murder Beach?! They are my favorite and my best friends!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Dunno, Lucas. You just stumble across things I guess. Yeah, I saw your comment about them on the geek board the other day. I've liked all the songs I've heard from Murder Beach, but this one especially.

11:09 AM  

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