Friday, July 14, 2006

July mix: Light of the silver moon

Silver Moon - Sue Strange
Silver Moon, Sue Strange

The monthly mix thing seemed to work pretty well in June. Shall we try it again? No real obvious theme, just a semi-random assortment of tracks. Semi, because obviously I've curated the collection--selecting music that hasn't gotton a ton of (and most often no) attention in the mp3 blogosphere. As always, I'm making an unqualified recommendation for each and every song.

Download the tracks individually or grab this zip file. They'll be up for a month til I post the August mix. Enjoy and be sure to visit the artists' sites!

Silver Moon - Blitzen Trapper

Grace Fool - Cosmic Starfish

Joga/Do You Like My Music - Trick and The Heart Strings

Pep Pill - Dave Decastro

A Sea's A Sea - The Deaths

Live Oak Road - The Flower Machine

Itsuko Got Married - Bearsuit

Cats Eyes - Homescience

Birthday on Mars - Ryan McPhun and The Ruby Suns


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