Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Screw Cupid

As my junk email box fills with Valentine's suggestions, I'm reminded of the party that I will, sadly, miss again this year. When I lived in the Chicago area, a few friends and I got together on February 14th for our annual Screw Cupid Party--a night we mocked romantic comedies, music and people. An all-black-attire affair, I've unfortunately missed this sentimental gathering the past two years since I moved.

Since I won't be part of the celebration, here are a few songs for the soundtrack.

Everyday I Love You Less And Less - Kaiser Chiefs
It's so much fun! I love the panning synth at the beginning that gives a "fuzzy" undertone to the whole song and the nonsense "na na na's" and silly rhymes that lend it a leering sophomoric tone. And how many of us have wanted our whole "crew" backing us up when it was time to tell someone it's over?! I just picture the rest of the band peeking around thumbing their noses and sticking their tongues out.

I Can't Fall In Love - Irving
One of the reasons to hate this mythical winged cherub is ourselves. It's not always a faulty partner! I appreciate the level of self-awareness this tune represents.

I Don't Really Love You Anymore - The Magnetic Fields
Quintessential Stephin Merritt. The way the song begins makes it difficult to see where he's going. But once you've reached the second section, there's no more guessing:

I don't have to love you now if I don't wish to
I won't see you anyhow if that's an issue.

One Hundred Things You Should Have Done In Bed - Snow Patrol
V-Day is a great chance to remember those failed attempts at love. One of my favorite song titles of all time and a singular "if only" kind of thought.

I Love You 'Cause I Have To - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
The ska-like electric and accent make me smile, but the lyrics hit a little close to home...

And now I spend most of my time playing computer games (or blogging maybe?)
And wishing I was loving like most of my friends, oh I am so ashamed.

What The Hell Is Love - K's Choice
Inevitably, a Screw Cupid party has a moping drunk ending, a point when everyone sits around wondering why they are single or love-less, bringing on the philosophical meanderings. This is the song to play on repeat during those conversations.

Employment, The Kaiser Chiefs
I Hope You're Feeling Better Now, Irving
i, The Magnetic Fields
Songs For Polar Bears, Snow Patrol
Please Describe Yourself, Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Great Subconscious Club, K's Choice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Troy - these are great songs! -Mar-tae

7:25 PM  
Blogger -tr0y- said...

thanks Mar-tae. see you friday

9:04 PM  
Blogger c said...

i love this word in your kaiser chiefs description - "fun"
i was stoked to see ray davies give them big ups in his recent rolling stone interview.
that's all.

9:44 PM  
Blogger -tr0y- said...

i did see the davies thing. sometimes simple language (ie "fun") ends up being the most appropriate i guess.

8:23 AM  
Blogger c said...

yeah, i was serious about loving the word "fun" as a description of the kaiser chiefs because that is what that band is, they are "fun" and i love that about them. cheers :=)

10:06 AM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

yay, great songs! while we were figuring out what songs were going to be on our wedding cd, we kept finding all these really great break up songs. we decided that for our first year anniversary, we'd make a "divorce" cd featuring songs like "single again" by the fiery furnaces and definitely that kaiser cheifs song! yay!!

1:31 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

If it weren't for the fact that your marriage seems very happy, I'd be concerned about this divorce mix concept!

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Christina said...

OMG... I was listening to the Kaiser Chiefs today thinking "THIS MUST go on an anti-valentine's mix!" So I set out to make my own list and started googling for others... and here I found your blog. Like your picks even if they were from 2006!

8:37 PM  

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